… 7 years

It started eleven years ago when this beautiful, freckled soul walked across a parking lot that I just so happened to be sitting in. From there on it was my life goal to figure out everything there is to know about her and somehow get her to talk to me. On May 16th 2008 we got married, I was only 20 and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. It doesn’t feel like 7 years ago but then again it feels like forever, I don’t remember much of life without her. One of my favorite things to do together is make no plans at all, just get in the car and go hang out. On Tuesday we left the kids with my parents and ended up grabbing dollar tacos downtown on the square, sippin margaritas and laughing about how young we look to people that don’t see us with our kids. Reminded me it’s not about the amount of time but the quality of time that we spend together : ) In the midst of a world obsessed with telling us what we should be doing, eating, look like, spending money on, have more of ect I would rather focus on pursuing this wild love because loving someone is the best opportunity we could be given.

Sharah I’m going to continue to learn how to love you more everyday, until my last breath is a kiss on your forehead. I’m writing this so you know that you still take my breathe away when I see you, I love that you go to bed early with me even though you feel energized by the moon, I love that you don’t wear makeup and find beauty in simplicity. Thank you for being vulnerable, for choosing the hard road because you know where it leads. If in the end the only thing I have are wrinkled hands, kids that love me and you by my side then I’ve won, I’ve accomplished my wildest dream. I sure love being married to you!! Here’s to 70 more of these. xoxo

RIVERSTORY-Joel-290Photo by Michelle Gardella. She’s incredibly talented, so grateful for these photos she took of us! 


Mav is one…

  I can’t really tell you how excited I am to have you as my son. You remind me so much of myself in the smallest of ways. You’ve got my feet, and a  square little body. You’re a doer, always wanting to do whatever Paisley is, you love jumping on the trampoline with her! SheContinue Reading

Family update ↟↟ We moved pt. 1

  I’ve gained a whole new understanding of how beautiful Sharah is this week, we haven’t gotten much sleep having moved to a new house last weekend and both the kids having allergies. Mav is also getting four teeth and woke up every hour last night! He usually only wakes up twice to eat so Sharah hasn’t hadContinue Reading

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