Mav is one…


I can’t really tell you how excited I am to have you as my son. You remind me so much of myself in the smallest of ways. You’ve got my feet, and a  square little body. You’re a doer, always wanting to do whatever Paisley is, you love jumping on the trampoline with her! She makes you laugh so hard when she jumps high and bounces you around, it’s the cutest thing to watch.  I love the way you guys are developing a playful relationship now, Paisley always wants to hold you and pick you up, even when it ends in you both falling over : )  One is a pretty great age, you’re incredibly smart, brave, fun, and your mom and I just love having you in our family. I remember when you were born, your mom labored for 4 hours and next thing you know you were here. Afterwards I looked at your mom and said “that was easy!” Surprisingly, she didn’t agree but the thing is your mom is a champ at the whole child birth thing and makes it look so easy. Looking forward to all the adventures we have ahead of us, Stay wild – Dad


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Family update ↟↟ We moved pt. 1

  I’ve gained a whole new understanding of how beautiful Sharah is this week, we haven’t gotten much sleep having moved to a new house last weekend and both the kids having allergies. Mav is also getting four teeth and woke up every hour last night! He usually only wakes up twice to eat so Sharah hasn’t hadContinue Reading

Mineola Nature Preserve Wedding ↟↟ Britt & Kyle

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