Family update | We moved pt. 1


I’ve gained a whole new understanding of how beautiful Sharah is this week, we haven’t gotten much sleep having moved to a new house last weekend and both the kids having allergies. Mav is also getting four teeth and woke up every hour last night! He usually only wakes up twice to eat so Sharah hasn’t had a full nights sleep in about a year. She’s been running around the house this week going from one kid to the other taking care of them, all while trying to unpack our necessities and turn this house into a home on no sleep. Her soul is so happy though, when I look at her I see a woman that is living her dream. All she wants to do is be a mom and homemaker, one of the hardest jobs out there in my opinion.  We got a few hours alone today and I was reminded how beautiful someone following their passion is no matter how nuts it may seem. So here we are a couple of crazy kids living out of boxes, with two sick babes and a giant dog trying to make this home for the next year. I’ll save the details about what’s next for another post : ) Here’s a few photos from this evening, our new back yard connects to the school so the playground will be getting some regular visits from us.


For those wondering these were all shot on a Canon 5d classic // 50L and edited with VSCO film : )
IMG_7053 IMG_7057 IMG_7065 IMG_7059 2015-03-29_0001 IMG_7064 IMG_7070 IMG_7067 IMG_7071 IMG_7076 IMG_7081 IMG_7082

Mineola Nature Preserve Wedding ↟↟ Britt & Kyle

Sharah’s 27 !!

  I feel like it was just yesterday when we were 17 and Sharah was throwing rocks at my window, I remember the first time you walked in front of my car and I thought I would never talk to you. Now we’ve been married for almost 7 years and have two children who bring theContinue Reading

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